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Proven methods, outstanding results.

We cater to businesses and individuals, offering coaching and consultancy services in leadership and organization, career and job coaching, and personal coaching.

With over 10 years of experience in coaching and motivational conversations, we provide emotional support, goal-oriented processes, and guidance in both setbacks and successes, both personally and professionally.

Our services include:

  • Coaching sessions

  • Motivational leadership programs licensed by Bizniztools

  • Motivational self-leadership programs licensed by Bizniztools

  • Digital coaching

  • Workshops

  • Harrison Assessments

  • Pulse Analysis

Our methodology

We believe in a holistic and forward-thinking approach that fosters awareness, courage, and self-confidence. Our services are future-oriented and aim to help you find your own solutions and achieve your goals.

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About us

Charlotta Brunkhorst

Charlotta Brunkhorst

Owner/Coach/Leadership Development Specialist with a background in behavioral science focusing on leadership, health, and organization. ACC-certified ICF coach, Stress and Wellness Therapist, Recruiter, Leadership Development and Career Coach.

Brings extensive experience in running own business, public sector procurement, coaching entrepreneurs and leaders, life coaching, health coaching, job coaching, job matching, and recruitment.

Trains in leadership programs. Harrison Assessments.

Johnny Lundblad

Johnny Lundblad

Sales Representative/Appointment

Setter Johnny has a solid background as a salesperson and an exceptional ability to create the best solution for the customer's needs.

Our services

We offer our clients the opportunity to support individuals who want to make a change or achieve their goals, using evidence-based methods and tools, through trust and structure. Additionally, we provide businesses and organizations with a clear path to fostering a positive culture and achieving increased growth while maintaining a balance in life.


Workshop med Coach och Konsult Syd Coks,se


We offer workshops for the following leadership training programs: Motivational Leadership 1 and 2, Self-leadership, and Health Programs. To ensure the quality of the workshop, we require a minimum of 5 participants.



Coachning, bollplank, facilitering


Some refer to it as sounding board, others as sparring partner, facilitation, or something else - we call it coaching. We coach according to the methodology of the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is an internationally recognized future-oriented conversational approach that fosters awareness, self-confidence, insights, determination, courage, and above all, motivation. Seeking assistance from a coach in life's journey and at crucial junctures is about listening to oneself and arriving at solutions and choices without anyone else's values imposing.

Career coaching is slightly different from regular coaching. Here, you receive regular coaching interspersed with consultation, tips, and ideas, as well as assistance with your CV and cover letter.


Motivational Leadership, licensed by Bizniz Tools.

Our leadership development programs are designed for individuals at any level of experience who want to grow and develop. You practice leadership in real life and follow a "red thread" where the material guides you through the process, focusing on your everyday life, challenges, and goals. This approach provides you with the right conditions to successfully achieve what you desire. Our program offers digital materials through an app and book format, and you also have Charlotta as your coach if you book here.

Long-term, measurable, sustainable results.

The program offers digital materials via an app and book, along with Charlotta as your coach if you book here.

Structure for Group or Subscription::

  1. Group Sessions:Tailored sessions designed for groups, focusing on specific areas of interest or development.Interactive workshops or training sessions conducted for the entire group simultaneously.Group coaching sessions with shared objectives and discussions.

  2. Subscription Packages: Customized subscription plans based on the frequency and duration of sessions required. Flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of the group.Access to exclusive resources, materials, or tools for ongoing development.Dedicated support and communication channels for subscribers.

  1. Benefits: Cost-effective solution for organizations or groups seeking continuous development.Enhanced collaboration and teamwork within the group through shared learning experiences.Consistent support and guidance from experienced coaches or consultants.Tailored approach to address specific challenges or goals of the group.

  2. Customization: Adaptation of content and delivery methods to align with the unique requirements and objectives of the group.Personalization of sessions to cater to diverse learning styles and preferences within the group.Integration of feedback mechanisms to ensure ongoing improvement and satisfaction.

  3. Get in Touch:Contact us to discuss your group's needs and preferences in detail.Receive a customized proposal outlining the recommended structure, pricing, and benefits of the group or subscription package.Start your journey towards collective growth and development with our comprehensive offerings.

GDPR and policys

Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

At Coach and Consultant South, we value the privacy of all our participants, customers, and employers and treat all information we receive with the utmost respect. This means that we do not distribute information or personal data inappropriately and comply with all guidelines for applicable GDPR legislation. You can always feel confident that what is said between us, stays between us.

Booking a Meeting Time When you book a time with us, you will always receive a confirmation, either verbally, via email, or via SMS.

Cancellation of Meeting Time We appreciate if you cancel a booked time as soon as you can, preferably no later than the day before. In the event of delays and urgent reasons for cancellation, we request that you call us.

Your Personal Data We need your personal data to fulfill our commitments to you, but we only use them for billing, program ordering, and keeping in touch with you. If you have protected data, we respect this and find solutions to find employment for you. By consenting to us contacting, for example, employers or other authorities on your behalf, you give us the right to do so.

How Long Do We Save Your Data We follow the rules set by each contracting authority, but data about you are treated with confidentiality and are not disclosed to third parties. All written information is stored securely and destroyed after 3-12 months depending on the contracting authority's requirements. We do not keep journals, document, or take notes about you unless you request this at the start. If so, they are destroyed immediately when the program or coaching ends.

Confidentiality We adhere to strict confidentiality rules according to the International Coach Federation (ICF). Sensitive information is never disclosed, it stays between you and your coach.

Contact Information, Quality Work, and Complaint Handling If you believe that we are not following these rules, please contact us via email and we will rectify the situation as soon as possible. Quality work is carried out continuously through education of our coaches and supervisors, evaluation of our services, and development of processes and methods.

Complaints If you have complaints, please address them directly to your coach so that we can rectify any issues immediately.

Contact us if you have any questions or need further information. Your privacy and well-being are of utmost importance to us.



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